Introducing Nail Snail®, The Award Winning Baby Nail Trimmer

The Nail Snail® first appeared as a doodle on a piece of paper at 4am one morning in 2014.

Since then Julia, the CEO of Christie & Christie® and inventor of the Nail Snail® have been nominated for and awarded, numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Her clever invention, with its unique design, is after all, making what was a once difficult task, easier and safer for all involved. 


The Vital Role of A Midwife in Preparing for a Newborn

The role of a midwife and key medical professionals is important to understand and make the most of  when you are preparing to welcome a new baby into your world. When we have the best knowledge and are equipped with the best tools (including the Nail Snail®), we can tackle anything.


The Jacaranda Nail Snail® - A Nail Snail® With Purpose

Wanting to give back and support the community, Julia was unwavering in her decision to donate an amount from each sale from each limited-edition colour release Nail Snail® to a chosen charity, and there was no doubt in her mind which would be our first cause to support.

Overcoming the Challenge To Find A Nail Snail® Globally

We, the Nail Snail® Team want to do everything we can to help you get a Nail Snail® and make nail trimming easier, safer and faster for you and your little one. We are continually working to make our product readily available for parents both here in Australia and internationally as well.

Spring Into September With Nail Snail® FREE Gift Wrapping

For the month of September to celebrate Spring and help you show someone you care, Nail Snail® are offering all retail purchases directly through FREE Gift Wrapping.

The Essential Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist

We got to talking and realised there was so much we wish we knew before we ended up at the hospital. We thought we’d have a little brainstorming session and create our very own Nail Snail® hospital bag checklist for all the parents-to-be out there.