When Do I Trim My Babies Nails?

When Do I Trim My Babies Nails?
  • Julia Christie

When Do I Trim My Babies Nails? What Is The Best Tool For The Task? How Often Do I Need To Trim Them?

For those blessed enough to be having a baby or caring for one, nail care is an important task that is often overlooked when preparing for your special, new arrival. Newborn nails are very soft and also extremely sharp. Newborns' nails can cause injury to themselves and to their parents by inadvertently scratching their face and skin. Newborn nails should be trimmed as soon as enough excess nail is present generally within the first one to two days. Some babies are even born with long nails. 

Long Newborn Nails Nail Snail

Newborn baby nails can be very long

Parents often comment how overwhelmed they feel when faced with such tiny fingers and toes and the soft delicate nature of their nails.

A common recommendation on your hospital check list will be the inclusion of mittens to prevent baby from scratching. This however restricts early sensory development and creates a warm moist environment for fluff and debris to become trapped. These mittens can also be a choking hazard. They also don't solve the problem! Trimming babies nails is an essential task in caring for your baby and cannot be overlooked.

By selecting the right tool to trim babies nails the fear of over trimming can be alleviated. Most baby’s nails vary in shape and size and are quite flexible. The Nail Snail will allow you to contour your trimming to the exact shape and size of each individual nail. With the Nail Snail 3-in-1 Baby nail trimmer, trimming your babies nails is made safer, easier and faster.

Firstly the under-nail-cleaner can be used to help remove any debris that has built up, and also helps to separate the nail from the skin, as often the nail can lay very flat to the skin.

The recessed V-shaped blade is a precision trimmer for soft nails and is designed to catch the nail and not the skin, safely removing the excess nail. Finally a gentle nail file smooths off any rough edges and neatly finishes the task.

Cutting Newborn Baby Nails - The Nail Snail

Newborn nails grow quite quickly and you may need to trim them several times each week for the first few weeks after birth. Toenails grow at approximately half that rate and will need to be trimmed to prevent catching on bedding and socks. Fingernails should be trimmed by following the natural curve of the nail avoiding trimming into the nail bed. Toenails should be regularly trimmed straight across to prevent ingrown nails. 

As your baby grows, nail growth slows slightly and you may find yourself trimming weekly or fortnightly. When baby starts to crawl keeping fingernails and toenails short will help to prevent nail injury caused from catching and scraping on floor coverings. The Nail Snail is designed for your child’s nails from birth to five years and offers a safer, easier and faster alternative to nail care.

How To Use the Nail Snail

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by Summer Vrhovac & Julia Christie