Nail Snail
Nail Snail - Kickstarter Pledges

Why a Kickstarter Campaign?

  • Secure pre-orders
  • Begin production
  • Spread the word
  • Help parents

How Will the Funds Be Used?

  • Everything has been paid for up to this point
  • First production run – minimum order quantity of 3000
  • Blister and card Nail Snail packaging

Qualifications to Complete This Project

Julia Christie (CEO Christie & Christie and Nail Snail inventor): 

  • Bachelor in Business Management, Psychology and Spanish 
  • Running 'Venus Envy Vintage' eBay business for 10 years 
  • Primary school substitute teacher for 5 years
  • Working from home for the past 3 years to build Christie & Christie and the Nail Snail from an idea to a marketable, saleable reality 
  • Personal investment of all funding and costs to date 
  • Extreme hard work, drive and passion

How Will We Do It?

  • Extensive marketing campaign
  • Email marketing, social media, paid advertising, press releases, word of mouth, posters and business cards
  • Existing press coverage in Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA & more
  • Currently have hundreds of emails, Facebook, Instagram contacts 

Where Will Any Additional Funding Be Spent?

  • Shipping from Shenzhen, China to Australia
  • Fulfilment warehouses and drop-shipping, dependant on order sizes
  • Postage and handling out to customers
  • Kickstarter & payment processing fees
  • Final tooling deposit
  • Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s Expos in Australia and around the world
  • Additional national & international marketing
  • Building a sustainable, profitable company
  • Hiring employees (work-from-home parents)

Risks and challenges

Here at Christie & Christie, we have worked tirelessly for over 3 years, to develop the best design and business model in order to minimise risks. We have a solid plan, but things can go wrong. We assure you though that we will be honest and transparent with the whole process and keep you updated.

As with any new project, there are always some risks associated with manufacturing and supply chain logistics. 

Here are some possible risks: 
- Manufacturing Delay: This is the most common problem with new product design. We are in frequent communication with our producers and are given regular estimates of delivery times. We have planned accordingly to allow enough time to comfortably meet our targets. 
- Manufacturing Quality: We have searched high and low for the right production partner; we have picked a factory with a fantastic reputation and plenty of experience in producing medical grade products for hospitals and children. The final sample is used in the video, so the precision and quality that you see is exactly what you will receive. We are working with an successful and sought-after manufacturing partner and feel confident in the work they will produce for our backers. 
- Team: Our team is very dedicated to The Nail Snail and to turning it into a sustainable profitable business. We have a great mix of backgrounds (education, business, medicine, design, engineering, accounting) which will all contribute to the long term success of this company. We understand the unique challenges that come with our type of our product and are familiar with how to avoid and mitigate any issues that arise. 
- Other minor risks are present, but once again, we will be very transparent about the process and keep you updated as our group of champion supporters! Thank you!


It isn’t the end of the story though, this is just the beginning! Our plan is to take the Nail Snail global with fulfillment warehouses and distribution all over the world. Helping as many parents as possible!